LEGO Superman - The TARDIS is a 2016 adventure and Sci-Fi brick film made by Jack Waugh, and was based off of DC Comics' Superman and BBC's Doctor Who.


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  • The TARDIS


The TARDIS appearing on a street corner in Metropolis. The TARDIS materializes and sits there. Outside, Clark Kent walks by, but hears trouble in the city with his super-hearing. Clark turns around to find the conveniently placed TARDIS, to which Clark remarks that "Now I won't have to look for a telephone booth". Meanwhile, inside the TARDIS, The Doctor is frustrated that something in the TARDIS isn't working. The Doctor hears the TARDIS door open, and turns around, telling Clark that he's been expecting him. Clark asks who The Doctor who he is, and The Doctor introduces himself. Clark asks what the TARDIS is, and The Doctor tells him that will all be answered, and also calls Clark Superman. Clark is stunned that The Doctor knows his identity. The Doctor tells Clark that he is a time-traveler, and that Clark cannot leave because the TARDIS was already prepared to leave when he got in. The Doctor flicks a switch on the TARDIS, and it begins to materialize out of the city. The Doctor tells Clark their destination, and Clark uses super-speed to change into Superman. The Doctor begins to answer Clark's questions.


  • This video is part of the BrothersWaughStudios Universe.
  • This video is officially the third LEGO Superman episode, but it ties-in to the LEGO Doctor Who series.

Easter Eggs

  • Indiana Jones appears briefly when he sticks his head out from behind the TARDIS.
  • The Doctor says that he and Superman are going to "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away". This is a reference to Star Wars.