The Horror in Giddings is a 2016 horror/adventure film, and it is the first in The Horror in Giddings film series made by BrothersWaughStudios and Watson Films.


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Featured Characters:

  • Mayor Archibald I (Only appearance; dies)

Supporting Characters

  • William Watson (WW News Anchor) (First Appearance)


  • The Monster (First Appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Officer Bernie (Only appearance; dies)
  • Three unnamed men (Only appearance; dies)
  • Guard (Only appearance; dies)


  • Michigan
    • Giddings
      • Woods


  • There is a running joke in the films that there is a new Mayor Archibald every film, because the current Mayor Archibald dies every film.
  • The second running joke is that there is always a WW News report scene, with William Watson as the running news anchor.
  • Mayor Archibald is always played by andymwat of Watson Films, and William Watson is always played by joespamsmith of Watson Films.
  • Jack Waugh of BrothersWaughStudios always normally plays The monster when possible.